Membership with Queensland Athletics 2019/20 season expires 30 September 2020.

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Ashgrove Rangers
Active Members:111
The Gap, QLD

Ashgrove Rangers was founded in 1962. The club has a proud tradition in athletics in Brisbane and has produced many competitive athletes. The philosophy of the club is to assist members to achieve their goals at their own pace. The club caters for all levels of athletes from the casual runner to the elite athlete. Our emphasis is on participation, having fun and developing friendships.


Membership Fee:  $20.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: The Gap State High School  
Coaches: Paul Circosta  Distance - Level 4 
  John Purcell Sprints & Distance - Level 2
  Andrew Duggan Throws - Level 2
  Adrian Keen Throws - Level 2
  Ken Hastie Jumps - Level 2
  Shiloh Watts Jumps, Sprints & Distance - Level 2
  Kaylene Morrison Multi Events - Level 2
  Greg Morrison Sprints & Distance - Level 2
  Judith Jardine Sprints & Distance - Level 2
Training: Mondays & Thursdays  5.45-7.00pm - Distance 


Aspley Athletics
Active Members:15
Geebung, QLD

Aspley Athletics is a small club that strives to give young and developing athletes the opportunity to experience the spot at all levels. We work alongside Aspley Little Athletics to give more competition and training opportunities for the athletes. We cover all athletics events, except Pole Vault and Hammer. We do our best to encourage the local community to come down and give track and field a go.


Membership Fee:  $80.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Bowden Park, Maidencombe Street GEEBUNG 
Coaches: Greg Heskitt Jumps - Level 3
  Mitchell Heskitt Sprints/Hurdles/Relays - Level 2
Training: Mondays & Wednesdays 7.00-9.00pm



Athletics North
Active Members:114
Gaythorne, QLD

Athletics North (est 1991) was formed by the union of Kelvin Grove and Nundah Athletics Clubs. Its focus in recent years has been on grass roots running development with an emphasis on middle to long distance training and cross country. We have a vibrant junior sprinting squad as well as squads throughout the northern and western suburbs providing quality developmental and elite athlete coaching.


Membership Fee:  $0.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee 
Location: Mt Maria Playing Fields, Motts Street GAYTHORNE
Coaches: Judy Briscoe Middle Distance, Junior, Recretional
  Dominique Williams  Sprints, Strength & Conditioning 
  Lizel Moore Middle Distance, Cross Country, Steeplechase 
  Rina Hill  Multisport, Middle & Long Distance 
Training: Tuesdays & Thursdays  4.30-5.45pm 



Bundaberg Athletics Club
Active Members:21
Bundaberg, QLD

We are a family oriented club, loving all ages to come and join in the fun.


Membership Fee:  $33.00 *on top of the Qld Athletic membership fee  
Location: Enid Ethel Drive BUNDABERG  


Caboolture Athletics Club
Active Members:7
Caboolture, QLD

All ages are welcome, our coaching is primarily on sprints and middle distance.


Membership Fee:  $40.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Wolfenden Oval, Stringfellow Road CABOOLTURE
Coaches: Martin Roberts Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
Training: Mondays to Thursdays 3.30-5.00pm



Darling Downs Athletics
Active Members:75
Toowoomba, QLD

Darling Downs Athletics was formed to provide an avenue for local athletes to compete for their home region, supported by quality coaches, associated services and education opportunities - all in a safe and family-friendly atmosphere. Membership is open to athletes aged from 12 years and up, of all abilities and interests and across all disciplines.


Membership Fee:  $30.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: O'Quinn Street Oval, O'Quinn Street TOOWOOMBA
Coaches: Jaqueline Gallagher Sprints Hurdles & Relays - Level 3
Jumps - Level 2a
Intermediate Club Coach - Level 2
Training: Wednesdays (O'Quinn St Oval) 4.00-6.00pm
  Saturdays (O'Quinn St Oval) 9.00-11.00am (HJ & Hurdles)
  Sundays (The Glennie School) 9.00-11.00 (Running)



Deception Bay Athletics Club
Active Members:21
Deception Bay, QLD


Membership Fee:  $50.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Zammit Oval, Zammit Street DECEPTION BAY
Coaches: Gary Patterson Sprints, Distance, Hurdles, Jumps - Level 3
  Neil Gray Throws, Multi Events - Level 3
  Garth Cooper Throws - Level 3
  Helen Powell Sprints, Distance, Jumps, Throws - Level 3
Training: Contact the club for days and times  




EGAC (European Gold Athletics Club)
Nathan, QLD

Welcome to EGAC! Whether you are a young professional athlete, a trainer starting their sport career or a trainer at an international level, everyone is welcome at EGAC. Our purpose is to prepare athletes to compete at an international level and develop professional skills.


Membership Fee:  $40.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: QSAC, cnr Kessels & Mains Roads NATHAN
Coaches: Yevgeniy Tkachenko (Head Coach)  
  Kirill Anisimov (Coach)  
  Nelly Lysenko (Coach)  
  Mariia Sinei (Coach)  
Training: Mondays to Fridays 6.00-8.00pm



Fairholme Athletics Club
Active Members:5
Toowoomba, QLD


Membership Fee:  $50.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee  
Location: Fairholme College, Wirra Warra Street TOOWOOMBA  
Coaches: Tony Tregaskis  
Training: Contact Tony for days and times  



Fast Track Athletics
Active Members:104
Daisy Hill, QLD

Fast Track Athletics is a highly motivated, forward thinking organisation that provides access to quality coaching and competition opportunities. Our coaches train at many locations on Brisbane’s south on most nights of the week and weekends. We set realistic training goals while promoting sportsmanship, team spirit and dedication leading to personal bests.


Membership Fee:  $68.00* for Qld Athletics Base Membership
$38.00* for Qld Athletics Platinum Membership
*on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Cec Munns Sports Centre, John Paul Drive DAISY HILL
Coaches: Murray Watkins Sprints, Distance, Jumps, Hurdles, Run Squad - Level 3
  Tracey Tuia Jumps - Level 3
  Brad Schofield Club Coach - Level 2
Training: Mondays to Saturdays Daisy Hill, Mt Gravatt & Ipswich


Gin Gin Athletics
Active Members:5
Gin Gin, QLD

We are committed to our philosophy of Family, Fun and Fitness and aim to provide the best experience in building Personal Bests for every young athlete who joins our club. We are focussed on helping our young athletes attain their best sporting experience by supporting them to strive to be the best they can be at every event.


Membership Fee:  $0.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Recreational Reserve, Rangeview Road GIN GIN
Coaches: Angela Wright Club Coach - Level 2
  Mal Milton Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
  Amy Milton Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
  Lee Kitt Club Coach - Level 2
  Mel Morton Club Coach - Level 2
Training: Saturdays 8.30-11.00am


Gladstone Athletics Club
Active Members:5
Gladstone, QLD

We have been operating for over 40 years and provide an inclusive and instructive athletic program for athletes aged 4 to adults with competitive pathways to national level. We create opportunities for the entire community to come together in healthy physical activity.


Membership Fee:  $0.00* for Gladstone Little Athletics members
$50.00* for non-Gladstone Little Athletics members
*on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Laurie Delaney Oval, Derby Street GLADSTONE
Coaches: Bryan Townsend Throws - Level 2
  Peter Sharper Walks - Level 2
  Emily O'Conner Throws & Walks - Level 2
  Trudy Sheppard Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
  Leigh Wilson Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
Training: Mondays to Fridays 3.30-5.30pm


Ashgrove Rangers

Location: The Gap, QLD

Members: 111

Aspley Athletics

Location: Geebung, QLD

Members: 15

Athletics North

Location: Gaythorne, QLD

Members: 114

Bundaberg Athletics Club

Location: Bundaberg, QLD

Members: 21

Caboolture Athletics Club

Location: Caboolture, QLD

Members: 7

Darling Downs Athletics

Location: Toowoomba, QLD

Members: 75

Deception Bay Athletics Club

Location: Deception Bay, QLD

Members: 21

EGAC (European Gold Athletics Club)

Location: Nathan, QLD

Fairholme Athletics Club

Location: Toowoomba, QLD

Members: 5

Fast Track Athletics

Location: Daisy Hill, QLD

Members: 104

Gin Gin Athletics

Location: Gin Gin, QLD

Members: 5

Gladstone Athletics Club

Location: Gladstone, QLD

Members: 5