Membership with Queensland Athletics 2019/20 season expires 30 September 2020.

If you wish to obtain the special $12 membership (expires 30/09/21) in order to compete in the remaining 3 championships for this season, click here

Membership is normally obtained by clicking on of our clubs below. Here you will find information about our clubs that will assist you in finding the one that will best suits your needs.

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Darling Downs Athletics
Active Members:75
Toowoomba, QLD

Darling Downs Athletics was formed to provide an avenue for local athletes to compete for their home region, supported by quality coaches, associated services and education opportunities - all in a safe and family-friendly atmosphere. Membership is open to athletes aged from 12 years and up, of all abilities and interests and across all disciplines.


Membership Fee:  $30.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: O'Quinn Street Oval, O'Quinn Street TOOWOOMBA
Coaches: Jaqueline Gallagher Sprints Hurdles & Relays - Level 3
Jumps - Level 2a
Intermediate Club Coach - Level 2
Training: Wednesdays (O'Quinn St Oval) 4.00-6.00pm
  Saturdays (O'Quinn St Oval) 9.00-11.00am (HJ & Hurdles)
  Sundays (The Glennie School) 9.00-11.00 (Running)



Fairholme Athletics Club
Active Members:5
Toowoomba, QLD


Membership Fee:  $50.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee  
Location: Fairholme College, Wirra Warra Street TOOWOOMBA  
Coaches: Tony Tregaskis  
Training: Contact Tony for days and times  



Ipswich & District Athletics Club
Active Members:101
Ipswich, QLD

Our mission is to provide well guided training and personal development for all ages to enhance athletic skills within a caring and friendly environment, thus providing a recognizable leadership within the sports community of Ipswich & District.


Membership Fee:  $35.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee 
Location: Bill Patterson Oval, Lion Street IPSWICH 
Coaches: Vic Pascoe Sprints, Hurdles & Relays - Level 4
  Brad Robinson Middle & Long Ditance - Level 3
  Andrew Wheeler Throws, Pole Vault - Level 2
  Mick Moore Throws - Level 4
  Ted Ruben Sprints, Hurdles & Relays, Jumps - Level 2a
  Theresa Stolberg Junior Coach - Level 4
  Darin Coombs Throws - Level 3
  Mark Sills Jumps, Sprints - Level 2
  Connor O'Leary Middle Distance - Level 2
Training: Mondays & Wednesdays 6.30-8.30pm




Lockyer District Athletics Club
Active Members:25
Plainland, QLD

We provide sporting individuals the opportunities for coaching, training and competition within the Lockyer Valley. We open pathways for elite athletes to pursue the future in athletics. Our club offers well guided coaching and personal development, enhancing the athletic ability of athletes of all ages. Our club strives to play a leadership role by offering expertise to all in the Lockyer Valley Sporting Community.


Membership Fee:  $18.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee  
Location: Faith Lutheran College, Faith Avenue PLAINLAND  
Coaches: Bailey Pashley  
Training: email us for days and times  



Darling Downs Athletics

Location: Toowoomba, QLD

Members: 75

Fairholme Athletics Club

Location: Toowoomba, QLD

Members: 5

Ipswich & District Athletics Club

Location: Ipswich, QLD

Members: 101

Lockyer District Athletics Club

Location: Plainland, QLD

Members: 25