Membership with Queensland Athletics 2019/20 season expires 30 September 2020.

If you wish to obtain the special $12 membership (expires 30/09/21) in order to compete in the remaining 3 championships for this season, click here

Membership is normally obtained by clicking on of our clubs below. Here you will find information about our clubs that will assist you in finding the one that will best suits your needs.

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Bundaberg Athletics Club
Active Members:21
Bundaberg, QLD

We are a family oriented club, loving all ages to come and join in the fun.


Membership Fee:  $33.00 *on top of the Qld Athletic membership fee  
Location: Enid Ethel Drive BUNDABERG  


Gin Gin Athletics
Active Members:5
Gin Gin, QLD

We are committed to our philosophy of Family, Fun and Fitness and aim to provide the best experience in building Personal Bests for every young athlete who joins our club. We are focussed on helping our young athletes attain their best sporting experience by supporting them to strive to be the best they can be at every event.


Membership Fee:  $0.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Recreational Reserve, Rangeview Road GIN GIN
Coaches: Angela Wright Club Coach - Level 2
  Mal Milton Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
  Amy Milton Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
  Lee Kitt Club Coach - Level 2
  Mel Morton Club Coach - Level 2
Training: Saturdays 8.30-11.00am


Gladstone Athletics Club
Active Members:5
Gladstone, QLD

We have been operating for over 40 years and provide an inclusive and instructive athletic program for athletes aged 4 to adults with competitive pathways to national level. We create opportunities for the entire community to come together in healthy physical activity.


Membership Fee:  $0.00* for Gladstone Little Athletics members
$50.00* for non-Gladstone Little Athletics members
*on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Laurie Delaney Oval, Derby Street GLADSTONE
Coaches: Bryan Townsend Throws - Level 2
  Peter Sharper Walks - Level 2
  Emily O'Conner Throws & Walks - Level 2
  Trudy Sheppard Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
  Leigh Wilson Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
Training: Mondays to Fridays 3.30-5.30pm


Gympie Amateur Athletics Club
Active Members:15
Gympie, QLD

Gympie Amateur Athletics Club is an all-inclusive club, catering for the young to the young at heart who love athletics as much as we do.


Membership Fee:  $50.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Albert Park, River Road GYMPIE
Coaches: Leslie O'Connor Throws - Level 3
  Alison Chippindall Jumps, Throws - Level 2a
Training: Mondays & Thursdays 3.30-5.30pm


Hervey Bay Athletics Club
Active Members:8
Dundowran, QLD

We provide opportunities for training, friendship and competition for athletes of all ages. We are building a strong community of people who train together and support one another in pursuit of personal excellence. Our club celebrates the accomplishments of all athletics and is dedicated to continually improving its service to the athletic community.


Membership Fee:  $25.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Dundowran Oval, Lower Mountain Road DUNDOWRAN
Coaches: Daniel Parker Sprints - Level 2a
  Mark Jensen Club Coach - Level 2
  Kareana Jensen Club Coach - Level 2
Training: Tuesdays
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays
Running & Jumps


Isis District Athletics Club
Active Members:15
Childers, QLD

We regard our club as our sporting family. We train and compete in a supportive environment where everyone works to be their best. Our club was formed in 2000 by  small team of dedicated volunteers who had a vision for our area; it was about seeing children shine. Not just in athletics, but in self-esteem, friendship and life skills.


Membership Fee:  $48.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Childers Showgrounds, Ridgway Street CHILDERS
Coaches: Maynard Heap Level 2
Training: Tuesday & Friday afternoons  



Maryborough Athletics Club
Active Members:19
Tinana, QLD

Maryborough Amateur Athletic Club caters to all athletes form the age of 5 years. We have athletes who regularly compete who are over 70. We run a competition comprising a three week rotating program from September to March each year.


Membership Fees: $50.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee

Bundaberg Athletics Club

Location: Bundaberg, QLD

Members: 21

Gin Gin Athletics

Location: Gin Gin, QLD

Members: 5

Gladstone Athletics Club

Location: Gladstone, QLD

Members: 5

Gympie Amateur Athletics Club

Location: Gympie, QLD

Members: 15

Hervey Bay Athletics Club

Location: Dundowran, QLD

Members: 8

Isis District Athletics Club

Location: Childers, QLD

Members: 15

Maryborough Athletics Club

Location: Tinana, QLD

Members: 19